Is Anybody Out There ...
an online gallery

I enjoyed the works very much and will return to the site again. -WM

Impressive - love the variety of photos (biological to everyday to outer space? (Gold Dust) to nature shots) and the unique (and sometimes curious) titles. Desolate Road (and a few other nature shots), Electric Nights (series) and Resurrection stick out. –PC

Wonderful!  -LM

I'm sure glad I'm not an art critic!  WOW and COOL are probably not appropriate words for an article.  Thanks for giving us "far flung" friends and family the opportunity to see your work.  -JE


We are out here!  Bravo. (I'm kind of sweet on "Thirteen" and "Affetuoso")  - T&KC

Wonderful site, some great pieces here.  -CC

When one has the time\\desire to look at this crazy world\\life we have created for ourselves, one realizes that there are many "ANYBODY'S" out there.  Glad you're getting a peek of "THEM" again DW

Great show.  And what a great idea to have an online gallery. Hope to see you here in Nova Scotia one of these fine days.  –PD

I enjoyed looking through your online gallery. I think I liked your 'Five' the best, though to be honest, I think my favourite is the 'Girolamo' original you gave me that continues to hang here in my office (do you remember it?...its the sketch of the tree…). At any rate, I wish you every success with these new ventures you are involved in & I look forward to the chance of staying in touch. -DB

My mom pointed me towards your online gallery yesterday and I just wanted to send off a quick note to say "wow – great work". _SM

I really enjoyed the journey you put me through ... touch me in places reserve for only those who can feel, or attain their dreams. -MK


Wonderful World

I forgot what a powerful medium art is, in terms of communication. Whether it be for people who have so much to say and very few forums, or to describe something that humanity has by and large ignored, this project reminded me of that.

I am impressed with the talent represented here and the depth of experience and awareness that created the words and images.

It is an honour to be part of such an experience.  To make a contribution and have it become so much greater as part of something else is not only a pleasure but a privilege.  Thank you everyone. - JF

I cannot begin to describe my feelings as I watched Joanne's show develop. My initial indifference to the subject matter was soon supplanted by an intense curiosity: not only for the artistic process, but the souls behind the mug shots. This work was, for me, an opportunity to explore an issue which I hadn't given a lot of thought to. The biographies of many of the individuals were stark reminders that there is ALWAYS another side to the story. My personal view that these "fukers" probably got what they deserved was morphed to an understanding that, given a few changed details in my life's narrative, my fate might have been the same. I now firmly believe that "But for the Grace" is an appropriate slogan for many of us. I am at once impressed and humbled by the deeply emotional and poignant writings of ALL the contributors, as well as the devoted and tireless efforts of the many actors and crew of this cyber-play. I wish all of you great success in all your endeavours and look forward to future projects. – FI

it takes a great amount of courage to expose your soul and frustrations to others. i'm absolutely blown away. this piece is incredible and you should all be very proud. you've created something real, something true, something meaningful. haunting, provocative &; tasteful. A+   -S

Outstanding show. I feel it does exactly what art should do, provoke thought and create conversation. " What a wonderful world" 

This collaboration of works presented online is a pioneering introduction to the global gallery.. The viewer invites the gallery into their space….doesn't that flip the whole experience onto another level. I felt the collaboration was deeply heartfelt and I feel, as an audience, that I participated in a new movement of the gallery scene - especially because writers played a key role as well. Congratulations to all of you for creating this wonderful experience. –EL

my heart, soul and tears ……torn - demanded - deserved …..incredibly insightful and so 'tangible' ….WHEEEWWW…. - quite an experience to share  -PP



I am so moved!!!. The passion exhibited in your work flooded my heart with such  emotion left me fighting back a few tears.  I believe That's what any great art form is suppose to do.... and rustle up emotions it did!!'s like being served a delicate portion of Foie Gras if you please and realizing after the first introduction to your taste buds that there is something absolutely uniquely delicious before you. That to appreciate and savour the whole velvety unique experience it should not be rushed! This was my absolute favourite gallery thus far....outstanding job!!!! RB

WOW!.... I love the different art forms from great quotes &; poems to amazing canvas work to sculptures.  Great job!   Really enjoyed the last two art showcases! -PS

After living with this art, watching it come to fruition, I had, as in the Talking Heads song, put it in my back pocket to look at later.  Today I saw your .12.12.12. In the beginning I wept for the destruction we have wrought on this planet, the space around it and all its creatures, the experimentation without knowing what we do. I cried again at the hope and remedy offered in Rivers of Belief, in spite of whatever comes.
"where the rivers of belief flow
start the echo, one by one
day by day, 'til we say it
write it, post it, sing it
cry it, shout it
is anybody out there
it will be heard ....
when we hear each other
the killing will stop
the heart heals the soul lives"
We are all in this together ... and we are all out there and in her/e.

What a unique experience - beautifully dark and uplifting at the same time - a 'terrible beauty' to re-use a phrase.  I think I have to come back tomorrow night and go through it again - there is a lot here to ponder!  I'm intrigued by the borg mother sculpture - what is she made of? Congratulations on such a stunning presentation! All the best Jim. -BM

Absolutely stunning.  Reminds me of what I like best about Francis Bacon coupled with the feeling of the 21st Century paradigm...  Any of these pieces would have a home with me.  Thank you for making ART. – SC